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About Us - Janhit Multi State Co-operative Society
Janhit Multi State Agro purpose Co-Operative Society Limited is registered under section 7 of Multi State Co-Operative Society Act 2002, (39 of 2002) and the rules are framed there under, having its registration number MSCS/CR/1039/2014 and the registration date is the 10th day of Sep 2014. The society has its registered office in Varanasi, 221001.
The area of operation of the society shall be confined to the states of Madhypradesh and Uttarpradesh. The norms and all the rules related to the society are defined under the Bye-laws of the Society. Our registration guidance and controlling authority are Central Registrar of Co-Operative Societies, Department of Agriculture & Co-Operation, Ministry of Agriculture and Government of India.
Our Services
Janhit Multi State Agro purpose Co-Operative Society Limited is authorized by its by-laws to accept Contribution and Share Capital. The return in Share Capital with dividend/contribution as on the financial transaction of yearly basis.
The following are objectives and functions of the society
• To promote overall economic betterment of members through self help and mutual aid in accordance with co-operative principles specified in the first schedule of the act
• The deposits accepted by the society are mobilized by the means of loans to members, making it a profitable institution to enable further expansion and delivering value to its members. The society has loans available to all members for the purpose of
• To purchase agriculture products from member at reasonable rate for processing and for sale in the market.
• Undertaking research activities in agricultural products and produce. Facilitating, coordinating and promoting agricultural and horticultural activities.
• Providing assistance, training, seminar workshops and education to its members regarding agriculture and horticulture techniques.
• To Make available to members modern techniques used in the processing of agro-products
• Undertaking and promoting on its own or assist its members in trading or selling activities of the agriculture produce to the procurement agencies at better rates.
• Undertake marketing research and assistance to its co-farmers.
• Supply inputs to farmers to undertake agricultural production
• To establish greenhouses/poly houses to produce vegetables and flowers
• To undertake and encourage production of milk and growing of fodder for animals
• To construct or hire godowns, cold storages for storage of agricultural and dairy products
• To purchase and install necessary machinery and equipment for processing and preservation of milk and produce value added milk products such as Vanaspati shirkhand ,paneer,ghee butter etc.
• Acquiring, selling or purchasing agricultural lands in the areas of its operations, to arrange fixtures and vehicles for the purpose.
• To provide veterinary and artificial insemination services and technical inputs for milk production
• Providing quality agricultural products such as seeds, irrigation facilities, fertilizers, manure, agricultural implements and machinery etc.
• To acquire construct /Purchase land and building within the area of operation for the functioning of the society
To open branches in the area of operation of the society Basic Features
• Nomination Facility
• Standing Instruction Facility
• SMS & E-mail Alerts
• Documents Required
• Account opening form, duly signed by the account holders for Share
• Introduction from existing account holder Photograph of account holders
• Photo identity such as photocopy of PAN Card, Driving License
• Proof of residence in the form of photocopy of Ration Card, Electricity / Telephone bill, etc.